Guide for a Low Carb Low Calorie Diet

woman on low carb dietIs there any low calorie low carb diet that effectively works? This is one of the common questions that people ask these days. Most people are used to the idea that counting calories is the best way to lose weight. However, following a low calorie low carb diet is not necessarily the best idea. Low carbohydrate plans don’t focus so much on eating less, but on eating differently.

Diet plans which are low in carbs are usually higher in fat intake. In fact, most diet programs nowadays will require you to eat more fats than you are used to but you are restricted in eating high caloric or carbohydrate rich foods.

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t worry too much about taking calories on a low carb diet plan. This is because several researches and user experience have proven that those who are following a low fat diet and a low carb diet plan can still lose the same amount of weight. For example, see the Metabolic Factor results.

This happens due to the body switching to a different way in converting food into a source of energy when you do not take enough carbohydrates. Since the body does not have enough carbohydrates, it will burn fats instead for you to effectively lose weight.

For a lot of people, it is difficult to adjust into having a high fat diet because most people think that fat is bad. You should change your way of thinking that you should restrict yourself from eating fats. For a low carb eating plan, there are no enemies except for sugar. Eating Carbohydrates rich foods should be controlled but still, you should know that your body needs some of it such as vegetables.

Another good reason why high fat diet program is great instead of eating carbohydrates is because we feel less hungry when eating fatty foods thus, you will less likely eat snacks or crave to eating more foods.

Skipping meals have been proven to be bad for people who want to lose weight and there are 2 major reasons why. First of all, your metabolism will slow down thus, you will not be losing weight fast. Secondly, you can easily go off the weight loss plan since you are going to be hungry and you can easily get tempted by the idea of eating more.

Because of this, it is good for you to take one higher carb meal from time to time for the body to maintain the metabolic rate and for the body to have the energy of doing its normal activities. The diet plan reviewed at explains how to do this.

All in all, the best thing to do is not to take risk and just concentrate on following a good low carb plan so that you can enjoy your life and enjoy eating delicious meals and foods that you are allowed to take, guilt-free.

Low Carb Eating Plans

When it’s time to make your low carb eating plans, you should know that it is not that hard. Today, there are many low carb diet programs that consist of delicious recipes and you don’t have to suffer from eating foods that you don’t like. There are many cookbooks that have this nowadays or you can find them online.

Many people today can easily adapt to following a low carb program because they don’t have to change their diet very much. Also, as we’ll see later, it’s very satsifying. In most cases, you will still be able to eat a lot of the foods that you love. We low carbers just have to make sure to avoid those foods that contain extremely high amounts of carbohydrates.

Why Eat Low Carb?

One of the great advantages of low carb eating plans is that you will be able to eat with your friends and family without the need of eating those special foods. You can even do it while eating in a restaurant by just telling them to hold foods that have high carbohydrate content.

When planning to do this kind of diet program at home, you should keep in mind to include salad, and plenty of cooked vegetables too. If you are used to eating 2 courses in one meal such as a main dish and a dessert, you can actually switch it to eating a main dish and salad. This way, you will have enough vegetables in your body and you’ll feel you’ve had a proper meal, without eating sweets.

Most people are used to eating 3 meals per day as well as adding a couple of snacks into the mix. This is a good daily routine but combine it with a daily exercise such as walking for up to an hour a day, just to increase metabolism and maintain a physically fit body.

low carb salad image
For your breakfast, you will have several choices. You are allowed to eat common breakfast foods such as omelet, sausage, eggs and bacon. To increase the vitamins and minerals, have vegetables with them, like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions or any other non-starch veg that you fancy (not potatoes or corn!). There are some great breakfast ideas here. If you have to eat and run, you can prepare something the night before and just take a big slice of some food from your refrigerator each morning. Omelet is great cold!

Keep in mind that low carb meals can help keep you satisfied much longer than higher carb foods. This is primarily because of the higher fat and protein content. You are eating food that takes longer to digest, so your body won’t start demanding more so soon. Because of this, controlling your fat intake is one of the mistakes when it comes to following a low carb diet program because you will most likely be discouraged of pursuing your goal and following the program consistently.

One of the major advantages of following a low carb diet plan is that you won’t have to suffer from insulin spikes or blood sugar swings anymore. Also, in most cases you will have more energy to finish your everyday tasks – a huge benefit, especially if you have a tight schedule.

The Basics of Low Carb Diet Plan

chicken low carb image
A low carb diet plan is a diet regime that, if followed, will restrict an individual in taking carbohydrate rich foods for them to lose weight effectively. Some of the most known low carb diet plans nowadays are the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet. These diets are have been tested and proven to be successful in helping a person to effectively lose weight.

Foods We Commonly Eat on a Low Carb Diet Plan

Most low carb diet routines will begin with an induction phase which will usually last about 2 weeks. In this phase, carbohydrate intake will be cut down to approximately 20g per day. Most foods do contain carbohydrates thus, you will have to count the carbs with the use of an online diet journey which can be found in certain websites such as the Aside from that, you can also follow certain rules as to how much you can eat with each food group.

In the Atkins Diet, its induction phase allows an individual to eat unlimited amount of vegetable oils, butter, eggs, fish and meat. You can also eat 2 cups of veggie salad and 1 cup of other vegetables each day. Lastly, you will be allowed to eat a maximum of 4 oz cheese.

The foods that are banned during the induction phase are corn, pasta, grains, bread, potatoes, alcohol, fruit, beans, nut and milk. On the second phase of the Atkins Diet, you will now be allowed to take beans, nut, beans, fruits and certain alcoholic drinks. Whole grains such as a whole grain bread along with potatoes and corn will be allowed when you have gotten close to your goal weight.

Most low carb diet programs will recommend preventing to eat foods that contain refined sugar and flour in large quantities. However, you are not encouraged to try to do a low carb low calorie version of the diet.

Other Features of the Diet Plan

Upon following the diet program, you will be recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water a day. Each glass should be filled with at least 12 oz of water. Regular exercise is highly recommended as well as taking multivitamins and food supplements. These will boost the effects of the diet plan that you are following which is why they are also essential to the program.

Will There be any Risks

There is no enough proof that will tell whether there are any risks in following these low carb diet programs. These diet programs even teach people that not taking fats isn’t the only way to lose weight. You can still eat carbohydrate rich foods and still have a fit body.

However, there are diet programs that may recommend you to eat high amounts of saturated fats and red meat and these are known to increase the risk of having a heart disease. You should seek your dietician or health provider to know what kind of diet program will best suit you.

How To Stop Homework Battles: 4 Tips

Boy studying
Have you ever found yourself caught up in a daily or even nightly battle over the homework of your kids? This can be a frustration for everyone more so if the homework is a lot or your children do not comprehend it.

Matters get even more complicated when children lie about their homework saying that they do not have any while indeed they do or even tell you that they have finished it while they have been playing video games or even listening to music in their room.

What should a parent do? While there are no magical fixes, these are four tips that will help you to stop homework battles and power struggles.

1. Motivation

Try and recall how you were about homework as a child. Probably you were not aware of the long term implications of getting it done or undone. Most children view homework as being a burdensome inconvenience which takes up the time that they would have spent doing what they please. Lectures are not likely going to change their perceptions. You need to be aware of this as the first step in tackling the homework issues and hopefully motivate them with the following tips.

2. Let them choose the time

If you want your children to start doing their homework right when they get home from school or even before dinner, it is time for you to reconsider. Ask your child to tell you the time when they are more energized and focused to do the homework. You are going to be surprised as they tell you that they feel a bit tired after school and need some time to rest first or they might be okay with doing it after dinner. Try and work with your kid to come up with a suitable time to get the homework done.

3. Schedule that time

After you have come up with the right time for homework, it is time for you both to schedule it in. Be sure to work it into your child’s daily activities so that he can see where it fits in and arrange things properly.

4. Make it comfortable

Does your child ask to be alone and quiet for them to be able to concentrate? If they don’t have a desk in their own room, try and create a quiet corner for them to work and make sure you respect their privacy.

Keep in mind that some people actually prefer music and various activities around them in order to focus, and your child may be one of those people, even if you are not. If this is the case, there’s no need to insist they take off headphones or switch off the TV, provided it does not distract them in any way. Of course, you need to get them away from the video games.

The place where your child does their homework has to be comfortable. This will make them look forward to doing their homework. Set aside a place where your kid will have a snack, music or drinks if it does not distract them, a comfortable chair, or even a plant.

If you do not have a lot of space, you can take these things out and then set them up everyday. The main aim here is to make the homework spot a place where your child wants to be.

All of these tips should help you end homework battles without resorting to yelling and shooting each other with toy guns, and bring about a more peaceful home, as well as improving your kids’ grades at school.

Now here’s some light relief for you to watch (IF you’ve finished your homework):

Keep Your Kids Safe When They Play With Toy Guns

Toy gun

Toy guns are the favorite toys of many kids, especially boys. They love to have ‘wars’ when they play with their siblings, with other kids or even with their parents. This type of plaything is a legitimate toy for kids; however, you should still have to understand the safety implications of these toys before deciding to buy them for your kids.

Safety Implications with Toy Guns

1. Its Comparison with the Real Thing

Even if toys guns have been created to be harmless for kids, they still represent something that can cause harm which is a real gun. Whether you will or will not let your child play with this type of toy, it is quite difficult to avoid them. This is because your kids may see them in advertisements, stores or friends and this can easily make them interested in playing with it.

Because of this, it is very important for you to use this toy as an opportunity to give your kids some advice about gun safety. There are some that really looks like the real gun and this may cause them to use a real gun as a toy whenever they see it. Due to this reason, you should always remind them never to use or even touch real guns if they see one.

2. Safety Concerns

There are some important safety concerns that you need to consider when it comes to this type of toy for your kids. Other than what was mentioned above, another risk for letting them play with this toy is that your child may get stopped by a police because of playing in public. Because of this risk, it is very important that you choose to buy those fake looking guns which are made of plastic and are designed with various bright colors.

Another thing to keep in mind is to think that even though it is just a toy, it can still cause injury to your kids and to others. There are many guns sold in toy stores nowadays that include BBs, pellets and other materials. Before buying it, you should check the age recommendation to know if it is safe for your kids. When you have older kids, you should allow them to wear eye protection gear to avoid injuries or accidents.

A lot of parents do limit their children to only use this toy indoors. The idea for this is to stop their kids from getting used to shooting other people with the use of their gun. Other than that, they will not also get used to constantly carrying it around especially at school.

By keeping these safety concerns in mind, you will be able to avoid your kids from causing injuries to themselves and to others. Always remember that most people who have tried playing with this kind of toy haven’t become irresponsible gun users and this is primarily because those people have been properly guided during their childhood. However, if you don’t want your kids playing with actual toy guns, you could let them learn some of these skills in kids video games.

How to Get Your Child Away From Kids Video Games

Kids video games are rapidly increasing nowadays and this encourages the kids to spend several hours just being in front of their television screen playing with their video game console. To some parents, this is not a big deal but there are other parents who are having difficulties encouraging their kids to go out and be physically active.

The main problem that parents are having when they have bought their kids a gaming console is how to encourage them to do other things. Most parents can say that there’s something magical about how game consoles capture the attention of their child and how hard it is to break that attention. Fortunately, this is not impossible to do and here are some tips that would help you do it.

Tips to Prevent your Child from Playing with Kids Video Games the Entire Day

1. Limit Gaming Time

You can limit the time that your child plays with the game console. By doing this, you may not get a good response from your kids. A better way is not to be too rigid on saying this to them and just be open on the reasonable amount of time that your kids should be playing with it.

2. Setting a Good Example

If you do not want your child to play with a gaming console for long periods of time, then you should set a good example and not do it yourself. This doesn’t just apply on playing gaming consoles but also prevent to stay too long just sitting and watching TV.

3. Spending Quality Time with your Child

In doing this, you may choose to not directly encourage them to do outdoor physical activities. You can play game consoles with your child and when you had some fun, you can then suggest for you and your child to do something else such as playing with a Lego toy set or playing basketball.

4. Keeping Game Consoles Out of their Bedroom

Never leave game consoles in your child’s bedroom because this will allow them or even encourage them to lock themselves in the bedroom and just play with it for hours.

5. Treating Video Games as a Privilege

This is a great way if you want your child to do other things. Rather than giving them a free access to playing with the game console, you can give them something to do first such as finishing their homework or getting a high grade in school and by doing these things, their reward is to be allowed to play with the game console.

6. Keep Track of Gaming Time

You should keep track of your child’s gaming time and let your child see how much they have spent being in front of the TV. For some kids, this will surprise them and this will encourage them to use the other time doing something else.

7. Planning for Alternatives

You shouldn’t just wait for your child to think of something else to do than playing with the game console. You can arrange a beach trip for your child and his or her friends so that they’ll have fun playing outside. You can also arrange meet-ups at your house so that your child can play with his or her friends and not just sit in front of the TV the whole day.

8. Acknowledge Efforts

When it comes to video games, kids usually gain instant satisfaction and doing other things such as drawing or playing with a musical instrument take more effort and time to get good at. Thus, you should spend time praising your child for the time and effort that they have given for those activities other than playing with the game console.