How To Stop Homework Battles: 4 Tips

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Have you ever found yourself caught up in a daily or even nightly battle over the homework of your kids? This can be a frustration for everyone more so if the homework is a lot or your children do not comprehend it.

Matters get even more complicated when children lie about their homework saying that they do not have any while indeed they do or even tell you that they have finished it while they have been playing video games or even listening to music in their room.

What should a parent do? While there are no magical fixes, these are four tips that will help you to stop homework battles and power struggles.

1. Motivation

Try and recall how you were about homework as a child. Probably you were not aware of the long term implications of getting it done or undone. Most children view homework as being a burdensome inconvenience which takes up the time that they would have spent doing what they please. Lectures are not likely going to change their perceptions. You need to be aware of this as the first step in tackling the homework issues and hopefully motivate them with the following tips.

2. Let them choose the time

If you want your children to start doing their homework right when they get home from school or even before dinner, it is time for you to reconsider. Ask your child to tell you the time when they are more energized and focused to do the homework. You are going to be surprised as they tell you that they feel a bit tired after school and need some time to rest first or they might be okay with doing it after dinner. Try and work with your kid to come up with a suitable time to get the homework done.

3. Schedule that time

After you have come up with the right time for homework, it is time for you both to schedule it in. Be sure to work it into your child’s daily activities so that he can see where it fits in and arrange things properly.

4. Make it comfortable

Does your child ask to be alone and quiet for them to be able to concentrate? If they don’t have a desk in their own room, try and create a quiet corner for them to work and make sure you respect their privacy.

Keep in mind that some people actually prefer music and various activities around them in order to focus, and your child may be one of those people, even if you are not. If this is the case, there’s no need to insist they take off headphones or switch off the TV, provided it does not distract them in any way. Of course, you need to get them away from the video games.

The place where your child does their homework has to be comfortable. This will make them look forward to doing their homework. Set aside a place where your kid will have a snack, music or drinks if it does not distract them, a comfortable chair, or even a plant.

If you do not have a lot of space, you can take these things out and then set them up everyday. The main aim here is to make the homework spot a place where your child wants to be.

All of these tips should help you end homework battles without resorting to yelling and shooting each other with toy guns, and bring about a more peaceful home, as well as improving your kids’ grades at school.

Now here’s some light relief for you to watch (IF you’ve finished your homework):

4 thoughts on “How To Stop Homework Battles: 4 Tips

  1. I think kids have too much homework so I sympathize my DS when he don’t want to do it. They should be out playing when they are small.

  2. Here are four tips to help you stop homework headaches forever. Got Homework Headaches? Are you embroiled in a daily battle over your children’s homework ? But we have four pointers to stop homework headaches in their tracks. Checke out the Essay Zone.

  3. Kids that learn self disipline in any subject are more able to sit down and do homework when they need to. Taking kids to piano lessons or sports or anything where they have to practice regularly to get good, this helps them learn self discipline which carries over into all aspects of their life and helps them get better grades and even jobs later on. I read this in a book about the marshmallow experiemtn.

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