The Basics of Low Carb Diet Plan

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A low carb diet plan is a diet regime that, if followed, will restrict an individual in taking carbohydrate rich foods for them to lose weight effectively. Some of the most known low carb diet plans nowadays are the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet. These diets are have been tested and proven to be successful in helping a person to effectively lose weight.

Foods We Commonly Eat on a Low Carb Diet Plan

Most low carb diet routines will begin with an induction phase which will usually last about 2 weeks. In this phase, carbohydrate intake will be cut down to approximately 20g per day. Most foods do contain carbohydrates thus, you will have to count the carbs with the use of an online diet journey which can be found in certain websites such as the Aside from that, you can also follow certain rules as to how much you can eat with each food group.

In the Atkins Diet, its induction phase allows an individual to eat unlimited amount of vegetable oils, butter, eggs, fish and meat. You can also eat 2 cups of veggie salad and 1 cup of other vegetables each day. Lastly, you will be allowed to eat a maximum of 4 oz cheese.

The foods that are banned during the induction phase are corn, pasta, grains, bread, potatoes, alcohol, fruit, beans, nut and milk. On the second phase of the Atkins Diet, you will now be allowed to take beans, nut, beans, fruits and certain alcoholic drinks. Whole grains such as a whole grain bread along with potatoes and corn will be allowed when you have gotten close to your goal weight.

Most low carb diet programs will recommend preventing to eat foods that contain refined sugar and flour in large quantities. However, you are not encouraged to try to do a low carb low calorie version of the diet.

Other Features of the Diet Plan

Upon following the diet program, you will be recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water a day. Each glass should be filled with at least 12 oz of water. Regular exercise is highly recommended as well as taking multivitamins and food supplements. These will boost the effects of the diet plan that you are following which is why they are also essential to the program.

Will There be any Risks

There is no enough proof that will tell whether there are any risks in following these low carb diet programs. These diet programs even teach people that not taking fats isn’t the only way to lose weight. You can still eat carbohydrate rich foods and still have a fit body.

However, there are diet programs that may recommend you to eat high amounts of saturated fats and red meat and these are known to increase the risk of having a heart disease. You should seek your dietician or health provider to know what kind of diet program will best suit you.

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  1. For cravings it’s good to do something else that soothes the body in some way. e.g. do a self massage, take a bath. If you are hungry, then eat something on your plan. If not, tell yourself that the craving will go away, and distract yourself by doing something else you enjoy.

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