How to Get Your Child Away From Kids Video Games

Kids video games are rapidly increasing nowadays and this encourages the kids to spend several hours just being in front of their television screen playing with their video game console. To some parents, this is not a big deal but there are other parents who are having difficulties encouraging their kids to go out and be physically active.

The main problem that parents are having when they have bought their kids a gaming console is how to encourage them to do other things. Most parents can say that there’s something magical about how game consoles capture the attention of their child and how hard it is to break that attention. Fortunately, this is not impossible to do and here are some tips that would help you do it.

Tips to Prevent your Child from Playing with Kids Video Games the Entire Day

1. Limit Gaming Time

You can limit the time that your child plays with the game console. By doing this, you may not get a good response from your kids. A better way is not to be too rigid on saying this to them and just be open on the reasonable amount of time that your kids should be playing with it.

2. Setting a Good Example

If you do not want your child to play with a gaming console for long periods of time, then you should set a good example and not do it yourself. This doesn’t just apply on playing gaming consoles but also prevent to stay too long just sitting and watching TV.

3. Spending Quality Time with your Child

In doing this, you may choose to not directly encourage them to do outdoor physical activities. You can play game consoles with your child and when you had some fun, you can then suggest for you and your child to do something else such as playing with a Lego toy set or playing basketball.

4. Keeping Game Consoles Out of their Bedroom

Never leave game consoles in your child’s bedroom because this will allow them or even encourage them to lock themselves in the bedroom and just play with it for hours.

5. Treating Video Games as a Privilege

This is a great way if you want your child to do other things. Rather than giving them a free access to playing with the game console, you can give them something to do first such as finishing their homework or getting a high grade in school and by doing these things, their reward is to be allowed to play with the game console.

6. Keep Track of Gaming Time

You should keep track of your child’s gaming time and let your child see how much they have spent being in front of the TV. For some kids, this will surprise them and this will encourage them to use the other time doing something else.

7. Planning for Alternatives

You shouldn’t just wait for your child to think of something else to do than playing with the game console. You can arrange a beach trip for your child and his or her friends so that they’ll have fun playing outside. You can also arrange meet-ups at your house so that your child can play with his or her friends and not just sit in front of the TV the whole day.

8. Acknowledge Efforts

When it comes to video games, kids usually gain instant satisfaction and doing other things such as drawing or playing with a musical instrument take more effort and time to get good at. Thus, you should spend time praising your child for the time and effort that they have given for those activities other than playing with the game console.

7 thoughts on “How to Get Your Child Away From Kids Video Games

  1. I guess I cannot expect my kids to stop with the video games already when I spend half of the time sitting there glued to the thing with them lol

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  3. I located an excellent site for kids video games. You can time them and shut them off when the time is up. Some games allow you to do this if you check the settings. Of course it’s important to tell the kids how much time they have so they expect what will happen. There is a warning so they can save a game, but if they are not expecting it, a tantrum could be the result.

  4. What would you do if a child is always coming to your house after school and they do nothing but play video games. I want my kids to have freinds but it is getting too much.

  5. I would say talk to your own child and see if they want this kid coming around all the time. If they do, suggest some other things they can do together. If they don’t, which is possible, speak to the parent of the other kid and say you want to have more family time and could they limit visits to once a week. Of course don’t say that your kid doesn’t want to see the other child so much!

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