Low Carb Eating Plans

When it’s time to make your low carb eating plans, you should know that it is not that hard. Today, there are many low carb diet programs that consist of delicious recipes and you don’t have to suffer from eating foods that you don’t like. There are many cookbooks that have this nowadays or you can find them online.

Many people today can easily adapt to following a low carb program because they don’t have to change their diet very much. Also, as we’ll see later, it’s very satsifying. In most cases, you will still be able to eat a lot of the foods that you love. We low carbers just have to make sure to avoid those foods that contain extremely high amounts of carbohydrates.

Why Eat Low Carb?

One of the great advantages of low carb eating plans is that you will be able to eat with your friends and family without the need of eating those special foods. You can even do it while eating in a restaurant by just telling them to hold foods that have high carbohydrate content.

When planning to do this kind of diet program at home, you should keep in mind to include salad, and plenty of cooked vegetables too. If you are used to eating 2 courses in one meal such as a main dish and a dessert, you can actually switch it to eating a main dish and salad. This way, you will have enough vegetables in your body and you’ll feel you’ve had a proper meal, without eating sweets.

Most people are used to eating 3 meals per day as well as adding a couple of snacks into the mix. This is a good daily routine but combine it with a daily exercise such as walking for up to an hour a day, just to increase metabolism and maintain a physically fit body.

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For your breakfast, you will have several choices. You are allowed to eat common breakfast foods such as omelet, sausage, eggs and bacon. To increase the vitamins and minerals, have vegetables with them, like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions or any other non-starch veg that you fancy (not potatoes or corn!). There are some great breakfast ideas here. If you have to eat and run, you can prepare something the night before and just take a big slice of some food from your refrigerator each morning. Omelet is great cold!

Keep in mind that low carb meals can help keep you satisfied much longer than higher carb foods. This is primarily because of the higher fat and protein content. You are eating food that takes longer to digest, so your body won’t start demanding more so soon. Because of this, controlling your fat intake is one of the mistakes when it comes to following a low carb diet program because you will most likely be discouraged of pursuing your goal and following the program consistently.

One of the major advantages of following a low carb diet plan is that you won’t have to suffer from insulin spikes or blood sugar swings anymore. Also, in most cases you will have more energy to finish your everyday tasks – a huge benefit, especially if you have a tight schedule.

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  1. THe trick is to make sure you eat enough IMO. Alot of people try to cut down on fat and carbs at the same time. It don’t work like that.

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